Permaculture Riverina

Welcome to the Permaculture Riverina website.

A friendly group of gardening and permaculture enthusiests from Wagga Wagga and surroundng areas.

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We focus on growing our own, on reuse and recycling, and sustainable living.

We share knowledge and experiences about a greener lifestyle, with emphasis on Permaculture principles.

Join us, whether beginner or experienced.

We enjoy good company and fun, swapping ideas and produce, and helping each other.

What We Do

Members and friends meet monthly for activity days. Usually at a member's home or farm.

Many hands and make light work of gardening tasks like weeding and planting.

We have constructed greenhouses, garden beds, installed irrigation and more!


There are trips and talks and walks as well.


Membership gives you access to member saved seeds, a resource box with books and magazines,

a "Permie Day" on your property, and the exclusive email discussion list.


If you would like to be involved, please contact either

Richard on 6922 5275